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What We Do

Institute for Policy Research and Analysis, established in 2011, is an independent, autonomous, non-political, non-profit organization based in Lithuania. We have developed wide range of partnerships with International Institutions, Universities, Public bodies, NGOs.


We are member of international consorcium “Participation Agency”.


Main fields of activity:

-    Research of public policy domains;

-    Consultations on public policies development;

-    Development of participation platforms and tools, facilitating decision-making processes, co-management;  

-    Youth policy and youth work development;

-    Operational performance and quality improvement of organizations;

-    Capacity building and training;

-    Advocacy: empowerment and campaigns.

Research and analysis

Institute has been involved in numerous research projects, to name few:

- SWOT analysis of Cross-sectorial cooperation in the youth policy field in Lithuanian;

- Youth participation in the democratic changes in EaP region; 

- Gyumri (Armenia) youth situation analysis;

- Youth work provisions for Refugee integration (Lithuania, Latvia)

- Institute is a founding member of International Journal of Open Youth work.

Policy development

We consult public bodies on International, National and Local levels on the topics related to youth, employment, participation, empowerment etc. 

Capacity building & Training

Institute is providing training and capacity building services to wide range of clients- institutions, NGOs, companies. All of them are tailor-made according the customer's needs. 


Institutas.EU is running advocacy training for NGOs and civil society groups, building their capacity to raise awareness about their cause and empower them to build advocacy campaigns. We have developed 3-day, 5-day and 7-day concepts of Advocacy trainings, which will guide participants through various steps of advocacy campaign and will prepare them to run campaign right after the course. European Commission has nominated our project "Advocate-make yourself heard" among most inspiring projects in Europe (2014) 

Moderation & Facilitation of Conferences, meetings

Our experts could moderate large scale events, prepare and coordinate team of facilitators, or facilitate your meetings - strategy development, cross-departmental meetings etc. It is not enough to bring right people into the room, facilitator is needed if you want to have constructive process and positive results. 

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